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209 Smoke Shop, located in Manteca, CA is proud to be the local area vape shop. We are a smoke shop that is known as a vape shop. A vape shop is a small retailer that caters to the electronic cigarette market. Vaping is an alternative to smoking. Our e-cigarettes put vaporized nicotine in the air, unlike cigarettes that put tobacco into the air.

Vaping has become increasingly popular. It is a liquid solution that usually contains flavoring and some nicotine. It mimics the action of smoking a nicotine cigarette. We have analyzed vaping versus cigarettes, and there are many benefits to vaping.

Vaping does not produce a smoke smell in clothes, hair, house, and cars. Vaping does not cause cigarette burns. There are many establishments that allow vaping inside, even in bedrooms. There are no ashtrays to clean, and there is no more offending people standing nearby. Vaping costs less than smoking. We offer a variety of vape accessories and juices. We carry mechanical mods for e-juice, and we carry vaporizers. We have about 50+ flavors of e-juice from Nirvana, U.S. Vapor, and V4Vape.

We have a staff that is top notch, and we are here to answer questions, and we are here to provide the best experience. We are a well-known vape shop, because of the wide range of products that we offer.

Head on over to 209 Smoke Shop in Manteca, CA to find out more about our vape shop.

We love to talk to our customers about vaping, and we offer free samples.

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1462 W Yosemite Ave Ste B
Manteca, CA 95337

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