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209 Smoke Shop, located in Manteca, CA offers hookahs and hookah accessories. A hookah is a tobacco pipe that has a long flexible tube. The tube brings the smoke through water, which is contained in a bowl.

The hookah was invented in India, and it was meant to smoke tobacco in. Indian Glass manufacturing began when there was a lot of exporting of glass to India. Hookahs are known by many names, because they are used all over the world. They are known as a water pipe, nargeela, and argeela.

Some Westerners will try to pack everything into the bowl, which means they try to use many different flavorings and herbs. This is frowned at in many other cities. Our appreciation and love for the ritual of smoking from a hookah, means that smoking is at the forefront of the tobacco industry.

A hookah consists of a glass base, a stem, a hose, a plate, grommets, and a valve. A valve is the outlet for stale smoke to escape the base when the hose is blown into. Many people in the United States refer to tobacco smoked from a hookah as “shisha.” This term was actually derived for the use of Middle Eastern slang. In the Middle East, it is common to ask for a “flavored shisha,” which means Hookah that is flavored with tobacco.

A hookah, and 209 Smoke Shop can assist you with further setup instructions. Charcoal is placed on a piece of aluminum foal covering the tobacco. When inhaled through a hose, air forces by the coal, and the tobacco is heated, which gives off smoke. The smoke pulls down, and bubbles up through the water into the bases air. It is then drawn up through the hose and inhaled.

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